Joywave – How Do You Feel Now?

DNA: The Killers; Big Audio Dynamite; and Big Audio Dynamite II

One song. It took one song to introduce me to Joywave, a band from Rochester, NY. That song is “Tongues [NSFW],” a perfect combination of an infectious, sample-based hook, a prominent falsetto voice, and simple but deep lyrics. (The video is brilliant and features another unique New York-based band, KOPPS.) I can’t wait to hear more music from Joywave and am ecstatic that this band is building (already has) a fanbase beyond NY.

It’s unfair to focus on any one song because the album has many strong ones. Each song is slightly different and borrows from different genres of music. “Somebody New” starts off the album, giving the listener an introduction to the many sounds of Joywave. It is a heavier sound with strong vocals. “Carry Me” overshadowed the already stellar “Tongues,” with a catchy chorus. “In Clover” borrow unintentionally from Big Audio Dynamite’s strongest songs. The ironic lyrics and saccharine vocals on “Nice House” make a wonderful song.

Joywave has staying power and stands out among the many new releases in 2015. Although a different vibe from “How Do You Feel Now?”, I recommend listening to the Joywave’s “Koda Vista.”

Recommendation: On a scale of Joe Polnachek (Forget It) to Tootie (Get It), “How Do You Feel Now?” is a Get It, 9.



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