An Analysis of “I’ve Got A Man”

In the song “I Got A Man,” Positive K attempts to “pick up” a sassy women with smooth lines like, “I’m Big Daddy Longstroke and your man is Pee Wee Herman.” There a number of flaws in this song, almost too many to list.

For example, I don’t know who Mr. Longstroke is but if this woman’s man is Pee Wee Herman, she’s hanging with a successful and wealthy Hollywood entertainer. Rob Zombie is friends with Pee Wee Herman. Who is cooler than that, Mr. Longstroke and Mr. K?

There are more fundamental problems with this song. This back-and-forth goes on for over four minutes. What man is going to take rejection from a woman in a public place for four minutes? What woman sticks around for four minutes telling some random dude that she’s not interested? More important, is this woman so great that he would spend over four minutes asking her to give him the time of day?

The takeaway I got from this song is that Positive K is a narcissistic stalker. His name should be changed to Inappropriately Persistent K. The next time you step to a fine woman, Mr. K, remind yourself that chivalry is not dead. I think it’s you Mr. K. who has the problem, not the betrothed woman you pester throughout this song.




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