The War on Drugs -Lost In The Dream

DNA: Bryan Adams and Bob Dylan with a pinch of Roxy Music in the 80s

Do you have an album you enjoy more for the atmosphere it provides than its individual songs? Yeah . . . I do, too. One of those albums is The War on Drugs‘ “Lost In The Dream.” It’s an album from 2014, but I am reviewing this album like it’s a new release because, in my world, The War on Drugs is not on enough peoples’ radar.

This album is atmospheric. The sound and songs are dreamy and beautiful. Adam Granduciel’s vocals are lazy, perhaps borrowing unintentionally from Bob Dylan and Bryan Adams. Each individual song is a work of art. The most impressive facet of the album is that the band fits together all the pieces of art into a unified masterpiece.

I’m a lyrics man in most instances; The War on Drugs is not one of them. I don’t think I can recite you any lyrics to this album, and perhaps I’m missing out. The music and song composition is what brings me back to this album again and again. The album starts with “Under The Pressure,” a near nine-minute collage of jangly guitars, keyboards, and muted but deliberate vocals. “An Ocean In Between The Waves” is my favorite song on the album. It combines a driving bass line, dreamy guitars, and vocals sound authentic to the mood of the song. “Eyes to The Wind,” “Disappearing,” and “In Reverse” provide additional texture to this abstract piece of art.

I absolutely love this album. From working through the band’s discography backwards, it sounds like “Lost In The Dream” is the band’s finest work to date. Promise me you will listen to this album a few times before passing judgment. By the second play, you will planning your next road trip with this album as your soundtrack.

On a scale of Brian Ralph Johnson (“Forget It”) to John Bender (“Get It”), “Lost In The Dream” is John Bender 9 (“Get It”).




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