Saint Motel – saintmotelevision

Saint Motel – saintmotelevision

The first single, “Move,” on Saint Motel’s new album — “saintmotelevision” — is a strong combination of straightforward, catchy lyrics, interesting vocal phrasing, and an upbeat music. “Move” best demonstrates the band’s sound, which is vastly augmented by trumpet and baritone saxophone. In fact, the music sounds like a modern-day Average White Band or Pigbag. “saintmotelevision” is so much more than “Move,” however.

The album has several well-crafted pop songs that equal or surpass the strength of “Move. “”Destroyer” is a witty song with an infectious chorus  — “I don’t break hearts, no that’s not me, I destroy them.” The album also includes this year’s wittiest song — “For Elise” — which is a tribute to the women who inspired landmark songs. Marilyn Monroe, Patti Boyd, Linda McCartney (referred to as Linda Eastman), Lola, and Candy Darling. The song isn’t pure gimmick, though. It stands with the entirety of the strong songs on “saintmotelevision.”

Start-to-finish, Saint Motel’s recent album is one of the best in 2017, thus far. Spend the time listening to the entire album; this one comes with a “get it” recommendation. The band is touring this year, continuing in this country on July 27th and appearing in The Capital District Region on November 18th.


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