Miike Snow – iii Micro Review

Miike Snow – iii Micro Review

It’s easy for the perfect pop-song “Genghis Khan” to seduce you. It has a contagious drum beat, breathy vocals about jealousy, and a catchy and witty chorus that anyone can relate to. Who hasn’t gone a little Genghis Khan over a lover? Plus, the video is brilliant.

Miike Snow is an all-male trio from Sweden who lean heavily on synthesizers and Andrew Wyatt’s falsetto singing, sometimes electronically manipulated. Almost all of the songs depart from the upbeat pop song that is “Genghis Kahn,” but that doesn’t mean the album isn’t worth exploring. It is full of strong, melodic songs such as the album’s first single, “Heart Is Full.” The song is built around a sample of Marlena Shaw’s song, “Waiting For Charlie To Home.” The sample lends a desperate tone to Wyatt’s pleading throughout the song to avoid a broken heart.

My Trigger,” the album’s opener, is ripped right out of the electro-funk era of the late 70s and early 80s. It has all the markings of a perfect pop song — whimsical lyrics, a great hook, and an upbeat x-factor that envelopes the song. “The Heart Of Me” transports you back to the latter parts of the 80s borrowing from Nu Shooz and Information Society. “I Feel The Weight” is a heavily-produced, heartfelt song that works as an intermission for the album’s later songs.

iii earns its place in pop culture with an album that should not go unnoticed. You likely won’t hear many of the album’s songs on terrestrial or satellite radio, so it will be an affirmative act on your part to check out iii and Miike Snow’s goodness. The musicality of the album and its lyrics make exploring iii worth the effort.


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